Dance as Rehab?

Dance as a method of rehabilitation, or to facilitate wellness and unity? The prisoners of the Maximum Security prison on Cebu Island in the Philipines know about this first hand. They’ve become so popular, even Sony entertainment is letting them use the occassional copywrited song on YouTube (in most countries).

A facinating profile was filmed by to help the world see the value of this approach.

The inmates spend hours getting things just right.
Here’s how Korean Supergroup Super Junior’s song “Sorry Sorry” looks in orange:

Korean Supergroups (both the male and female itterations) are known for being a triple threat – they can they can sing, dance, and each has it’s own distinct style, causing fans to be more than dedicated. Having a large number of members is also a Korean standard for these “Idol Groups”, making their songs an easy and logical choice for large group choreography.

Here’s the original video by Super Junior:

The prison’s official Security Advisor has a Youtube account >>> Byron Garcia <<< but nothing new has been posted in two years. I’m hoping it updates soon.

What’s it like to watch them live?

Dance as a wellness approach sounds like something that’s good for everyone. I’d love to see youth groups doing this!

“After all, Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.”
― Ann Richards

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