My Personal Worth

My personal worth is not measured in inches or pounds.
It is not who I know or what I do.

My personal worth is not even how spiritual or holy I feel.

It is not dishes, or laundry or even how much work I do in a day;
It is not performance-based in any way.

My personal worth is in the fact that Jesus saved me.

He died for me.
He rose from the grave for me.
Then, in mercy, He called me.

My personal worth is based in the fact that God placed my name
on a willing heart who then prayed for me.

And God, in response to that prayer, reached down and touched my heart.

For me, God said, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”

For me, God has bound the forces of evil bent on deceiving me.
He has held back the gates of Hell and He has equipped me for battle.

And God has promised to be my truth, my justice and my Lord.
He has promised that if I will only ask, He will answer.

My God is a warrior, a friend, a teacher, a provider, a parent and my first love.
And because of that I can live – unfettered, unbound.

The God with no beginning and no end is my eternal hope.

— Gin Hollan

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