It’s nearly time!

Heading to the Mane Event again, and it’s always interesting. The count down to when the schedule goes live is being tackled differently, from what I’ve been told. (I need that thing to plan all three days, so I watch closely for it.)

For anyone who thinks it’s just some little horse thing in the middle of nowhere, guess again. Red Deer is about half-way between Calgary and Edmonton, and the event is much larger than the one they also host in Abbotsford. (That part surprises a lot of folks, but come on… this is Alberta. *grin* ) World class clinics in a variety of disciplines, and demo’s – many of which you can participate in with your own horse, are a staple there.

Don Halladay

The clinicians understand this is a learning weekend, and are ready, willing, and able to answer questions. Two Mane Events ago I went there on a mission – find out once and for all if what I had been feeding my horses could cause one of them to have thin-walled hooves, but not the other horses. To my relief, he explained the one with the thinner walls was due to her being a two year old and that until she was a bit older, I could expect the walls to be thinner so the feet could keep up with the rest of her growth. (She turned out to be very tall, even as a three year old.)

This past year Don Halladay, the only Five Star Parelli instructor in Canada, had a clinic. And I can hardly wait to see who they have lined up for us this time!