Becky, Looking Up

Becky’s a Beagle (82%)/Border Collie (18%) cross, and weighed 52 lbs on her last vet visit. Yes, she’s as tall as a border collie, but she’s as round as a beagle. At 9 years old, it’s impacting her overall health. She seemed to be pre-arthritic and is sleeping too much for her age.

Our goal: In the spring, I want her to be able to safely come with me when I’m horseback riding for short cross-country rides.

It’s been two weeks, and I’m sure she’s been improving!

What’s in her daily diet now:
– 180g hard dog food
– 1/2 cup probiotic yogurt
– 20g almonds
– 1 tsp vet approved glucosamine powder

It turns out, she doesn’t care what I add the powder to, so it’s been going into the hard food. This silly pup really doesn’t care. She’s not what you could call a fussy eater – yesterday I let her sniff an 8″ kale stalk and she took it away to eat!

I’ve also cut a large carrot into large chunks and tossed it in, since she loves those. The almonds give her all the amino acids she needs, with the added benefit of slowing her eating down. The carrots have helped with that as well. She normally eats like her tail is on fire, so it’s good to see her slow down and think about what she’s eating.

Result: she does seem to have a bit more energy and mobility. I know it’s too soon to really see a difference, but it’s encouraging. Girth check next update. says it’s 42 days until spring!

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