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Now that scientists are ready to believe horses have advanced problem solving and learning ability – enough to move them up the intelligence scale – will their ability as trackers gain popularity enough for them to be a generally accepted scent tracking animal as well? Most likely as a supplement to dogs, who do have the superior olfactory capability, or when dogs are limited.

What I really appreciate about horses doing the job is the amount of ground a horse and rider can cover in a day, and horses take to games with all the interest and commitment of the keenest dog.

There is virtually no information on the internet about horses as scent trackers, so as I learn I’ll be adding to this page. I have a 96% beagle (large for a beagle though) that I’ll be training to track, and once I’ve got the concepts down, I’ll translate that into what I’ve learned in Natural Horsemanship to see if I can teach River to air scent.

Here is one site I’ve found: Air Scenting Horse. There is also a Facebook page for these folks: American Equine Scenting Association

Equine Scenting Sched

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