Safety and First Aid with Horses

I get a little queasy when I think I might be my horses first, best help. I do it, but who doesn’t worry about making the wrong decision. Even horses in a large, fenced pasture can get hurt.

IMG-20110912-00109smThis is a simple wound treatment – I had to spray iodine on. It looks worse than it is, but it’s an example of safe horses finding trouble without trying.

It only took a couple thankfully minor injuries to get me shopping. Wanting to know what to do, I bought this handbook:

It’s a thorough book, with help even for miniature horses.

But it doesn’t cover emergencies in a way that is good for the worried mind – 720 pages is a little intimidating. The internet being my favourite resource helped, but most information is basic.

I need something I can have in the car, something I can put in my backpack. I’m considering this book, but two things hold me back – it’s 912 pages, so not really a backpack book, and it’s pricey:

With these books turning out to be so large, I’ve resolved that the best place to keep this information is in my head. And see how much I can find from real-life examples, people living it.

Here’s some of the free resources I’ve found so far:

– Equine first aid: Webinar – Equine First Aid: How to Handle Common Emergencies

– What to Look for in a Barn The Horse 911: What’s Your Emergency?.

If you can recommend one, please comment below.

Thanks for your time!

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