The Mane Event

I promised myself this wouldn’t be a sales pitch… but I’m way too excited to worry about that. The Mane Event Exposition is coming up again. The last weekend in April, horse folk of all sorts will be gathering in Red Deer, Alberta. It’s an opportunity for all of us to learn and explore, and for experts to share knowledge and ideas.

Oh, and shop. (There’s already over 400 companies and associations planning to have a exhibit or booth!)

For those of us on the enthusiast side, whether we own a horse or not, there are workshops and clinics (over 80 hours worth spead across three days). Horse owners can apply to participate in clinics on everything from Jumping and Gaited Horse to Barrel Racing and Horsemanship. Three days, for $40 Cdn. Not sure you can beat that, anywhere.

Hey, did I mention there’s a guy coming from Australia? Dan James. He recently co-won Road to the Horse 2012, a colt starting competition stressing humane ways to get a horse going under saddle, like the Trainer’s Challenge.

Yes, there’s a Trainer’s Challenge! Dan won’t be competing but there’s some people I’ve never heard of that will be. Curiously, all the fellows invited this year are from our neighbours to the south. That won’t stop it from being the most popular event at the expo, I’m sure. It’s about the horses, afterall. And I’m sure the Mills Family is tired of winning by now. 😉 Doug’s son, Kyle, won it last year.

I hope anyone who has the chance will take in the Expo. I’m going to try to get some photos and some info to post here.

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